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Dear HTMLCOIN Community,


Our community is just like any other community -- differences exist. In our case, it's the organizational differences.


This is normal and something we should all embrace. However, we should not allow our differences to be a stumbling block in achieving our goal in developing our HTML blockchain as a community.


Our community is strong because we are diverse and composed of different people around the world, which makes us one big family.


Mission Statement


As of now, nothing has changed in our Mission and Vision as stated in our White Paper. Our team will continue to develop our projects as stated in the White Paper. In fact, as part of our restructuring and reorganization, it is integral that we invite more experts in software development to finish the stated projects as reflected in our roadmaps and pipelines.


This restructuring and reorganization is a phase every organization can’t shy away from. It should be seen positively because this will enable us to recruit more talented individuals around the globe to help us develop our software offerings. Remember, the Htmlcoin is just one of the many products that we are developing now. We will continue to develop more products in our blockchain. We encourage outside developers to create new tools and projects that will benefit our community. To do this, we will set aside a budget to help encourage talented developers to join our community.


Social Media Management 


The recent chaos has been caused by negative misinformation which resulted in fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) among our community members. To mitigate this, we will continue to monitor our social media outlets and make reasonable adjustments necessary to make sure it will not create unnecessary anxiety to future and current community members.


Coingather Funds


The forking of CoinGather was in line in with the fiduciary spirit. The CoinGather funds will be handed to a 3rd party entity to secure the coins in the near future. This has caused many controversies. One of the concerns is that it creates an extra supply. But this is not the case because the old wallet sent to CoinGather is frozen and cannot be spent. Hence, not able to enter in circulation. In essence, nothing was added.


Another concern is that our blockchain was compromised because of the forking. Nothing has been compromised so far as Peter Bushnell, our Executive Vice-President for Technology, can attest. 


The Global Family


Once an Htmlcoin member, always an Htmlcoin member. That being said, we are a global family. Yes, differences will exist in such a large and global community as ours. But, in reality, it is our diversity that actually makes us stronger! We should respect our diversity and celebrate it! For now, the most important thing to do is to regroup and move together as a strong and unified Htmlcoin community.


In the past week, there have been some exchanging of words among the teams that should have not happened publicly. We are all humans and prone to errors. Emotions were involved and feelings were hurt. This is part of our human experience and things such as this need to be handled privately within the team. Such negative and public exchanging of communication differences has the potential to shake the very core of our community. I am personally disappointed for what happened, especially all the unnecessary fear, anxiety, and stress caused to the community. 


I would like to make a reconciliatory statement among teams, that is --- As an Htmlcoin community, we need to regroup and pick up the pieces together. To do this, we will collaborate to find common ground. By moving forward, we will have to burn old bridges and build newer and better ones.


I ask our community members to reach out to us (dev@htmlcoin.team) and to ask what they can do to help heal the community. By becoming proactive members, we will recover from this brief setback more quickly. The community’s support is an integral part of the solution. Healing will create momentum for a more positive future in the community.


Healing Process


To start the healing process, we will implement some changes to how we do things as a community. That is the way we hire new talents, appropriating funds for projects, and project management.


As part of the rebuilding process, Simon Telfer is rejoining the team as Technical Advisor for Technology and Business Development. He will help formulate Technology and Business strategies in the community. Ilir Tahiri is also joining, he is a veteran in the community and will help with project management. Antony is also joining in the marketing team to help create more responsive content. We will hire more people and will seek professional help in finding the best talents to join us. From this day forward, everyone that is hired will be introduced formally to the community and the community will get a chance to meet and know them.


Another equally important matter is that we will publicize our projects, including the ones in the roadmaps and timelines for community members to prioritize. After we, as a community decide what projects we will undertake, we will then start promoting them throughout the community. We have several project developers wanting to develop in our blockchain, waiting for the team’s approval.


Developers seeking to develop in our blockchain and in our community will then present their project to the community for comments. We will also include projected budgets for transparency.


Ongoing Initiatives


HTML will not be deviating from their existing plans to launch a new website, a mobile IOS and Android wallet and being listed on more and larger exchanges. We are being listed on HITBTC, Kucoin, and others that will be announced when further details are available. Anyone advertising otherwise is not privy to the inner workings of our organizations and is purely sharing speculation. 




The POMA team is also doing a wonderful job in developing the POMA software package. We are allocating a budget for this, together with the new talents joining us to help it develop more. This will make our community even stronger and bigger in its software offerings.


I would like to thank POMA team members for their hard work. I am disappointed to see some of our members leave the HTMLCOIN team -- new talents are joining the team which will enable us to add more products and services, develop the potential of our blockchain technology and focuses on what is best for the community.



Forward, Together, Forward!


Amando Boncales, BA, MSEd, MA, PhDc.






















CoinGatherのフォークは、信託の趣旨に沿ったものでした。 CoinGatherの資金は、通貨を確保するために近い将来に第三者機関に引き渡されます。これは多くの論争を引き起こしました。懸念事項の一つとして、余分な供給を作り出すことです。しかしCoinGatherに送られた古いウォレットは凍結されていて使用できないため、事実無根です。したがって、流通することができません。本質的には何も追加されませんでした。


















再構築プロセスの一環として、Simon Telferはテクノロジーおよびビジネス開発のテクニカルアドバイザーとしてチームに再び加わります。彼はコミュニティで技術戦略とビジネス戦略の考案の手助けをします。 コミュニティのベテランであるIlir Tahiriは、プロジェクト管理に協力します。 Antonyはマーケティングチームにも参加し、より反応性の高いコンテンツ作成に協力します。私たちはもっと多くの人を採用し、最高の人材を見つけるために専門的な助けを求めます。この日以降、雇用された人はすべて正式にコミュニティに紹介され、コミュニティは彼らに会って彼らについて知る機会が与えられます。
















POMAチームはまた、POMAソフトウェアパッケージの開発において素晴らしい仕事をしています。 私たちは、これをさらに開発するために私たちに加わった新しい人材と共に、このための予算を配分しています。 これにより、ソフトウェアの提供で私たちのコミュニティがより強くより大きくなります。


私はPOMAのチームメンバーの大変な努力に心から感謝しています。 私たちのメンバーがHTMLCOINチームを離れるのは残念ですが、新しい人材がチームに加わることによってより多くの製品やサービスをもたらし、ブロックチェーンテクノロジーの可能性を開発し、コミュニティにとって最善のものに焦点を当てることができます。


Forward together, forward


Amando BoncalesBAMSEdMAPhDc.


(Translated by Jenny GOH)




[Forwarded from Dev Team]

Dear Community,


We write this message to create clarity.


A lot has happened to us over the last few days, and now, some wild stories are circulating, which have caused unrest in the various Htmlcoin communities. Unfortunately, many of these stories are based on assumptions and emotions--not facts.


With the interest of the community at the forefront, we have set aside our differences and personal opinions to meet on common ground.


In recent weeks, and especially in the last few days, it has become clear that the responsibility needed to maintain the balance between ethical and business elements needs governance. Therefore, Htmlcoin will appoint a board of advisors (members of the organisation) to supervise the affairs of the Htmlcoin organization, including the organization’s budget projections. The advisors will ensure that all operations of the Htmlcoin organization are open and transparent. 


We have agreed to work towards a healthy and transparent model. POMA will move to build its own blockchain platform, and Htmlcoins will be used as currency on the POMA platform, along with coins or tokens from other strategic partners. 


Equally important is our commitment to our existing projects, which will continue to move forward without interruption. We will also update our roadmaps and timelines so that you, the community, always know what is happening. We want to engage you, and we encourage you to get involved to help us decide which projects to undertake and promote. 


We believe this agreement to work together will help to motivate new developers to develop projects on our blockchains. 


We are pleased that we have come together and look forward to a fruitful collaboration between Htmlcoin and POMA.


Arjen and Amando

[Forwarded from paul ko]

Group chat command:

!tip @username amount- Can be used to tip HTML coins to others


Bot DM commands:

1. !help - to get list of commands

2. !address - to know your html tip address.

3. !balance - to check your tip balance.

4. !withdraw wallet-address - to withdraw your tip balance to another html wallet.

5. !tip @username amount- to tip someone privately

6. !disclaimer - Read the bot disclaimer.

ALL the commands are case sensitive.

 You can tip the tip bot by using '!tip @htmltip_bot amount' to help fund other Synapse projects.



!tip @username amount- HTMLコインを他人にチップを与えるために使用できます。


Bot DMコマンド:

1.!help - コマンドのリストを取得します。

2.!アドレス - あなたのHTMLのチップアドレスを知ります。

3.!balance - チップの残高を確認します。

4.!withdraw wallet-address - チップ残高を別のhtmlウォレットに引き出します。

5.!tip @username amount-個人的にチップをします。

6.免責事項 - ボット免責条項をお読みください。


皆さんは、 '!tip @htmltip_bot amount'を使用し、ボットにもチップをやることができ、他のSynapseプロジェクトの資金調達に役立ちます。

Hi Community,

I am here and I am not going anywhere :)

I founded this community since 2014 and I will carry-on like I did all the time.

There will be a reorganization of the team.

I know there are questions for me and I am excited to answer all of them in due time.

Right now, I am going to focus on launching the new website, release the mobile wallet applications (Android & iOS), and continue pushing for the listing in bigger exchange. Kucoin and Hitbtc are on the list and we already submitted the necessary requirements.

Sorry that I was not able to respond to all of the questions as I got the flu and still on it, recovering.

Again, thank you for all your support  :)
今、私は、新しいウェブサイトの立ち上げ、モバイルウォレットアプリケーション(AndroidおよびiOS)のリリースに集中し、より大きな取引所に上場をするため、引き続き推進していきます。 KucoinとHitbtcは上場が決まっており、すでに必要な書類を提出しています。

[Forwarded from SimonT]

HTMLCOiN is fully paid up and going through the code audit for new blockchains by hitbtc tech team.  The plan is to go live 2nd week/mid April and I am working with the listings team.  As we are accepted into audit, there is no need to keep any secrets and the dev team will keep you fully appraised of any changes in timelines.


Please note though, that HITBTC can list an ether token in 5-10 days, a coin does take longer, particularly something like HTMLCOIN.





[Forwarded from Arturo Morales]

The mobile wallets will be ready for internal review next week, then if everything goes well we will have a Marketing campaign regarding the launch of the mobile wallets. We might release the android wallet for beta testing first but we will let you know.



[Forwarded from Andrew]

@Mrs10sleyCarter This one?


HTML Dev Team:

We are now testing the plugings and all is working fine.  The developers are working hard to improve and optimize the htmlcoin gateway and plugins. Everything works as it should and soon the first of a series of websites and platforms will be tested. The first groups of freelancers can set up their microwebsite on the freelance platform. Together with a first group of writers, they will test whether everything works as we have in mind. We want to make the use of htmlcoin accessible to a wider audience and therefore we also launch the plugins and gateway so that practically anyone who has a website can use this functionality.


There are more than 1,700,000,000 websites worldwide. Almost 30% of this is running on Wordpress. We have therefore chosen to focus first on this CMS. After this, others will follow such as Drupal, Joomla and possibly Magento. By offering htmlcoin as payment option for Woocommerce, we have the greatest opportunity to penetrate part of the market.


This is part of project POMA the way we think that massive adoption can be accelerated. Our own websites and platforms will largely consist of user generated content with different revenue models and reward structures, which we hope will stimulate the use even further. 


Of course we have to give it the chance to grow but that is ok, at this stage we are not really concerned about the price of htmlcoin itself. The value of htmlcoin will be mirrored against the USD so the bike that will be bought will keep its value. HTMLCOIN is the medium with which the value can be moved in just a few seconds to anywhere in the world.I think there is the true value.



Hello guys, tomorrow we will have a conference call with the team in regards of the mobile wallets beta testing release for the public. We want our community to participate in this event so I’ll keep you posted. 








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